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(A.K.A. FAQs)

At this point in your business, you may be frustrated with things you have tried that have not delivered. 


These 'pain points' are extremely important to understand not only to adjust your strategy, but to grow.

Don't lose sight of the summit, we can help you get there.  See below for the 8 most common questions we get and how we can can help.

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My team has high turnover. Why?

The challenges we face now with turnover are unprecedented. Team members are reprioritizing what is important in their life. Most are evaluating their purpose, and how they fit in the world. This is resulting in a high rate of voluntary job changes. You can get ahead of this, and make a difference in your business, if you are having these challenges.


I read a lot of business help books, but I can't convert the concepts to practice.

You are not alone. You are uniquely gifted in providing the product or service you’ve brought to market. And that is what the world needs from you. Lean into Business Guides and Coaches to help implement those concepts. That the is the service they are uniquely qualified to do! 


I have big business goals, but I can't seem to find a path to get there.

We need equal focus on building the business you want in the future and executing the business you have today. Sometimes, focus can be heavily weighted in one of those areas, and not the other. This can hold you back from doing the other well at all.


My effort is increasing and my profits are decreasing.  What do I do?

I’d suggest looking at the business, as a whole: from the impact of increasing costs to the software and application demands, to revenue achievement. I’d suggest also looking into your team and the skill level they are working within. Has the team leveled up to the business you are currently running? Often times, you find the root cause of profit loss in those areas.


We have negative cash flow and can't grow our business.  Can you help?

The short answer is yes. I have a few resources and tools that can help us define the root cause of your cash flow challenge. We can then make tweaks and changes to change that trajectory and improve cash flow in the shortest amount of time possible. In the off change the conversation is bigger than us, I have a network of amazing people who can help too.


Our customer satisfaction is low and we are getting negative reviews.  How do we turn that around?

Let’s first look at your process and then at your people. 99% of problems in business fall in one of those areas, maybe both. It would be best to first make sure your process is correct, documented and that your team follows that process. Once we’ve determined that is in place then we need to look at the people. Are they doing a job that fulfills them? Are they uniquely qualified to do that job that your business needs them to do? What training can we provide so they can deliver in the way our customer expects? 


I am frustrated when I  walk in the office and no one is doing what they 'should' be.  How do I increase productivity and team motivation to be as vested in the business as me?

Ensuring that your team is made up of culture fits that they have the desire, ability and space to do their job is where we would start. You should not have to motivate anyone who is fulfilled by doing what you’ve asked. You should be able to recognize their hard work not have to encourage them to do it.  


I am always in the office late, alone, with all the work.  How do I motivate and delegate? 

We start by building trust. Trust for you with your team and for your team with you. Putting tools in place to determine what should be delegated and then actually delegating is the easy part. Trusting that work will be done is where the challenge comes in. This process takes time to build, but we will make sure you can do it.


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