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5 Things for the Health of Your Team

The health of your team is the most important element of business right now!

With everything going on around us we have become more individualized than ever before.

Working from home or not working at all, division among personal opinions… just naming a few reasons. In life that may be okay. Personal drive = personal success. (I do believe you need support and help but “you do you” there.)

In business, it doesn’t work that way. Teamwork is the critical element to success. We need to collaborate. We need to learn from others. We need to share ideas and build upon those ideas. We need to have common goals. We need to win together. We need teamwork.

I believe that teamwork is the ultimate advantage. Patrick Lencioni said it best: “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

As leaders we need to bring our teams back together. Whether you are back in the office together or virtual, or a mix of both. We need to focus on teamwork and collaboration. By doing this, goals are more easily achieved, less seasoned team members grow, and a higher level of thinking and execution will exist in your organization.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five things you can start today to bring your teams together:

1. Know each other – You spend more time at work than you do awake at home. Encourage everyone to get to know everyone in the organization. Who they are, where they are from, why they are there…

2. Understand each other’s gifts and frustrations. Knowing these will help you collaborate better to achieve goals. It may also save on burn out and reduce high turnover.

3. Share everyone’s impact on the business and our common goals. Its not a “sales goal” or an “operations goal.” It is the business’s goal. Share those with your team and let everyone know how they impact those goals.

4. Focus more on the process and the team members who impact that process, rather than forcing people to work in silos. The Lead Generation Process isn’t always just Marketing. Sales, Finance, Operations all play a part. Every process in your business has multi-function touches. Make sure everyone knows how they can impact the process positively.

5. Bring your entire team together weekly. Share the vision and business goals, share successes, and highlight team members. Operations should know that Sales landed two new clients. Operations should share successes that can lead to Marketing stories. Everyone should know what everyone is up to! That is a team.

Bring your team together. Collaborate and grow!

If you need help or want to brainstorm more on bringing your team together, go to and schedule some time with me. I can help you understand your team and help you bring them together!


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