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Being Fully Focused: The Art of Getting Stuff Done so You Can Achieve Your Goals!

With sixty million pieces of content, 9000 emails and even more human interactions on the daily, it is hard to focus. Constant distractions and demands for your attention pull our ability to keep even a thought for less than a minute most days. As a Visionary myself, this is incredibly painful. I feel like I am constantly distracted!

However, the ability to fully focus and put first things first is a key to success. And I mean success in everything. Business, family, health... anything.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you have a million projects going on at once? Or wonder why it seems nothing gets done with the level of attention you desired to give it. Lack of FOCUS!

Here are some tips to help you FOCUS on those tasks and projects that need your attention.

1. Put the "first things first": This is one of my favorite sayings. It is imperative to put the important things above all the non-important things. We need to ensure you are working on what you should be. When you have a team, or even outside influences, it can be very hard to know what the most important thing is. Everyone seems to have the "first thing" that needs your attention. Prioritizing is key here. My favorite question in practice is "What does the Business need?" This will work great to help you put First Things First.

2. Begin with the end in mind: All the best business minds will tell you, if you want achieve goals and grow, you can’t just take steps forward. You must work toward something. Always begin with the end in mind. What does DONE look like? Or what does SUCCESS look like? When you know this, you can begin to build backward. Your plan (while it is still a plan) will be more robust and likely more accurate to the results you want.

3. Be Intentional: To focus truly and fully, you must be intentional. Once you know what your plan is, and what your priorities are, you can set a daily intention. With a focused intention, you are more likely to complete the days tasks. Whether it is writing a blog, or doing a load of laundry, be intentional so you can focus!

4. Be Realistic: Goals should be attainable and relevant. Big Hair Audacious Goals are the big goal. Your daily intention should be realistic. Focus can fray once we believe we can’t truly achieve the goal. Set big goals (5–10-year goals) and build a plan to achieve them. One year, 90 Days, Weekly and Daily. Keep it real to stay focused.

5. Block Your Time: Once you have a plan, and you've set your intention, block your time to complete the task. If your intention is to take a draft a process, and process isn’t your thing, you definitely need to block dedicated time to focus. (Note: I am using this example because Process is the most neglected, yet most important part of business.) Eliminate distraction and ensure success. FOCUS.

These are only a few notable techniques to help you stay focused. If you want to succeed, you must be able to focus on achieving what you want.

Written by Megan Alarid for Heightened Leaders


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