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Building a Strong Leadership for Growth

A strong Leadership Team is fundamental to your growth. Your Leadership Team is the center of your organization. Your strength resonates from here. The team is the mirror of your culture and the height of skill. Those who earn this responsibility need to be up to the challenge.

The strength of your leadership team is directly proportional to your ability to scale and achieve your goals.

Then why is it so hard to get this right? Leadership Team seats have been filled with people who believe they “deserve it” and some because it was easier than having a tough conversation. Others have also been filled because the team member was an amazing contributor.

These are perfectly acceptable ways to fill your leadership team. If they have the ability to lead, inspire and coach people AND the ability to manage systems and process to ensure success.

It will take time to understand the team members' ability to achieve success in those areas. Here are some questions to help your evaluation and interview process when adding strength to your Leadership Team:

  • Do they live your Core Values?

  • Do they want to carry the burden of the company with you?

  • Will they align with your purpose and share your mission? 

  • Can they drive the main functions of the business in all facets? (Leadership, management, vision, strategy, tactics)

  • Can they trust you and their team?

  • Do you trust them?

  • Have they communicated enough?

  • Have they earned it, but don’t expect it? 

  • Do they want it?

  • Do they have the ability to do it? 

  • What is their capacity to do the job? 

  • Does the mix of EQ and IQ fit for the role?

  • Do they genuinely care about people? 

  • Are they able challenge their team to be better? 

  • Will they get up, dress up and show up?

Keep these questions top of mind, so you can evaluate possible Leadership Team members going forward.

Build a Strong Leadership Team to Grow and Acheive Your Goals

Numbers don't mean strength! When building a strong Leadership Team, it isn't about how many. It about the right ones. A strong team for small to midsize business has less than six members. This allows dialogue to be dynamic and not draining. It also allows communication within the organization to be tight. The game of telephone can become a challenge with a leadership team bigger than seven. Just imagine ten people picking a place to eat or deciding on anything.

Once you've determined the members of the team, bring them together often and be transparent with them. They are the architects of your vision. Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly meetings will help you stay on the same page and allow them to lead with the greater good in mind.

Give feedback often, good and bad. Remember, as the business grows, so does the requirements of this team. They will have to level up to the challenge. Feedback allows both parties to understand where they are at that time, and how they can grow.

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