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Do I need an Operating System for my business?

I am often asked “do I need an operating system for my business?” And that question is typically followed by some statement that sounds like “we got here, didn’t we?” See the thing is, you already have a system in place. Your system. And its getting you the exact results you have right now. If your system got you here, will it get you there? There being your future – the vision you set for your business.

As horrible as this sounds – most business owners answer NO to that question. Their system will not help them achieve what they truly set out to achieve. The current system is filled with problems, errors and unsatisfied people and customers.

The worst part: They are managed by their system. The business is running them, not the other way around.

I know an operating system can change that. I know a true business-based operating system can reverse problems, help strengthen the organization and help you acheive your vision. I believe every business needs a true operating system. As an Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS(R)) or Traction, and a Leadership Team Coach, I see the valuable results every single day. Teams come together, goals are reached, and results are exactly where they want to be.

Don’t know if you need an Operating System – Ask yourself these questions:

Is your team aligned?

Are they working for a common goal or are they in it for themselves? Ensuring teams are aligned, healthy and getting stuff done is at the core of an Operating System. Without true alignment, you wont get where you intend to go. You’ll just stand still or, worse, go in reverse.

Is your team accountable?

Do they do what they say they will do? An age old question, but a very good indicator of the need for a Operating System and a Coach. With tools in place and an outsiders perspective, accountability can increase and goal will be achieved.

Speaking of Achievement – Are you setting the right goals and hitting them?

Stagnant growth and constantly moving the goal can be a real downer for your team. Setting the right goals, at the right time, and then building a great plan to achieve them is the best motivator for any team, large or small.

Are your people happy?

High turnover, office gossip, and results that are lower than desired are signs your team is not happy. As a Leadership Team Coach, I use the tools to help increase the health of your team. Focus on getting the right people doing they right things at the right time can make a huge difference in the business – and, more importantly, in the teams.

When properly implemented, an operating system like EOS can make a huge, positive difference in any business, large or small, in any economic climate.

If you want to learn how your business can eliminate chaos and create clarity, schedule your call with me now.


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