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Effort Drives Results, Not Circumstance!

Last week ended with an AMAZING Quarterly Session with a fantastic team! The session work was stellar and the team worked great together. I never expect any less from them.

What made it amazing?

1. A perfectly green scorecard

2. 100% Rock Completion

3. More than 90% Right People Right Seats

The quarter wasn’t smooth sailing at all. This team lost a BIG client, had to make tough people decisions, had a completely remote workforce, even had a few team members fall ill.

It, by all accounts, should have been a really “you know what” quarter.

But the entire team, not just the leadership team, is rooted in a vision for their business that drove them to do extraordinary things. The effort they put forth to achieve what they did is beyond anything I could have imagined. They pulled the team together, they reviewed the goals every day, and they made it work! There certainly was a lot to celebrate.

No matter what gets you down, its your effort that can pull you through. And your team is looking at you for guidance. You want them to work, you are going to have to work harder. You want them to be excited about your future, you are going to have to be twice as excited.

Don’t let circumstance get your down, fight for your future!

Need help prioritizing and figuring out where you should be focused, schedule your call to build a plan!


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