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How Do I Keep Top Talent Happy?

The problem I hear most often from Leadership Teams is about keeping and retaining TOP TALENT. They believe it is so hard to find and keep the best of the best, and end up settling for less and doing more work. That is not the way business should work, in any climate!

Here are 5 tips to find and 5 tips to keep Top Talent:

To Find Top Talent:

  1. Be honest with what the job really is and with what you expect from the beginning!

  2. Interview, Interview, Interview – Don’t offer after the 1st Interview. Have the entire team meet with the candidate and provide feedback.

  3. Evaluate on Culture Fit, Skills, and Experience… in that order.

  4. Let the candidate interview you. The questions will be telling.

To Keep Top Talent:

  1. Be rooted in your culture!

  2. Have a documented, proven strategy to WIN for every job!

  3. Measure success with a scorecard or scoreboard! Winners want to WIN!

  4. Celebrate Success – out loud, and often!

The number one tip for both is DON’T LOWER YOUR BAR! As a Leadership Team, set the standards for your organization and don’t settle for any less. Going back to my favorite quote – “What you tolerate, you encourage”.

Top Talent wants to win, and they want to surround themselves with winners. They are looking to you to build a team of Winners!

Want to talk more about Top Talent and how to keep them happy within your business? Schedule a call –


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