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Ignite Fulfillment: A Guide to an Engaged Workforce

Fulfillment lives within a person. It is hard to do "fulfillment" to anyone. And right now, managers and leaders are racking their brains trying to figure out how to help their team feel better about work. The lack of fulfillment is a leading reason why people don't want to be a part of an organization. The Great Resignation is fueled by a lack of fulfillment. For the first time in generations, the workforce has prioritized happiness and joy over financial reasons. It is our time, as leaders, to create an environment where people can enjoy work, learn from it, and be fulfilled.

I've put thousands of people to work over my career. I've asked every single one to prioritize what is most important to them. Some form of fulfillment was at the top of the list. Even before money!

My experience as a Business Guide, and as a Recruiter, has led me to understand what truly makes people happy at work. They want to feel confident in their skill, be trusted as team members, and be treated as a human. In other words - they want to feel like they are doing great things! It is our job as Managers and Leaders, to foster that environment so that our team members leave the day feeling fulfilled.

Embrace and develop four key elements so that your team members can thrive, be engaged, and grow.

1. Have strong, healthy culture and ensure each team member lives in it every day!

2. Put everything in place so your team can be ACING their roles!

3. Appreciate them, authentically, every day!

4. Know your team is human and treat them as such.

If you can ensure those four elements are always optimized and working better than ever, your team will thrive. Your team members will want to ensure your success and the success of the business, just as much as you want to ensure theirs!

Continue to follow Heightened Leaders for more information about each of the four elements. Learn how to bring them into your organization, foster their growth and optimize them for the best team experience possible!

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