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It’s time to start the climb again!

For so many of us 2020 was supposed to be the “best year yet”. We were set for growth, amazing client success, making some awesome new hires, rolling out new products and services, and maybe even ready to dive into a new building due to the amazing growth we were supposed to have.

2020 was going to be the greatest part of our journey. Then it gave us all a nasty shiner.

We’ve spent the last five months holding a T-bone on our eye and hoping the bruise would go away! Some of us are still a little too shy to even leave the house and venture into what’s left of 2020.

There is good news in all of this.

2020 tested us and taught us all some great lessons. It taught us that we CAN solve crazy issues, we can move quickly with little data, and we can make tough decisions for the greater good. These are the kind of things that have held teams back in the past. It is hard but, when you are forced to, your true power comes out.

My clients even went a little further to say they were ready for all of this. They had the tools to help them make those big, difficult decisions. They had the ability to work together as a team to do right by the business and its people. They were ahead of the trends because they have been watching them. They knew their winning formula could be scaled up or down, as needed. They were ahead of the competition when it came to the “pivot”. And, they had the right meeting pulse in place to ensure the teams still felt they were in this together.

The biggest win for them was that their teams were rooted in their culture and that dispersing into a “work from home scenario” wasn’t even a blip on their screen.

Having a system and tools to truly helped guide them along this journey. They ran their business, not the other way around.

Being ahead of the game is a big deal these days. We are moving at both the speed of light and the speed of a sloth – at the same time. We have to be ready for anything. When you know how your business works and why, you can go with whatever the flow is.

If you want those results for your team and, to get on track for 2021 Recovery, it is time to look at an operating system for your business. You and your leadership team being 100% on the same page, fighting the same battle with tools and resources to help you make great decisions and bring your team together! A system will give you the path and the tools, to achieve your dream!

You want great things for your business. You want to achieve big goals! It is time to start the climb again!

Lets talk about your plans for 2021 and beyond. We can build a plan to take control back and thrive in 2021.


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