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Know Your Business…

How can I tell if my team is effective at home?

Are we going to be okay financially?

These are two of the most popular questions right now. How do you find the answer? Your Scorecard.

Your team’s Scorecard is a vision of your company’s future. The results you are reviewing now are a direct indicator to how your business will perform in the weeks, months and years to come. It is a view into productivity of your teams and a snapshot of your industry. When you use the Scorecard correctly you can identify challenges and ways to improve. You can also find a comfort level in what is being done now to ensure your future.

Your Scorecard is a simple spreadsheet of made up of key measurables (leading indicators), goals and accountability. It is not something complex or hard to follow (or hard to populate).

It should be a simple document.

To build the best Scorecard, you need to know three things:

  1. Your Client

  2. Your Process

  3. How to WIN

Know Your Client

Having a good, clear picture of your Ideal Client can help you build an amazing Scorecard. I don’t mean their just their Job Title but the full picture of your ideal client. Who are they? How do they think? Where do they spend their time? What do they value? Knowing this can help you adjust your business to meet them where they are.

Know Your Process

You must know how you get clients, how you service those clients, how you process the invoices and how you keep them happy. That is your full process and knowing it can help you create a detailed Scorecard with accurate measurables to achieve whatever it is you want. (It would be amazing if it was documented too. Just saying.)

Know How To WIN

Knowing how to WIN is simple. You just need to know what it takes to achieve your BIG goals. Once you know your client and your process, you can put that into a WINNING EQUATION and tie metrics to it. Like, your Conversion Rate from Leads to Proposals to Client/Customer. Or, maybe, how many contacts your Client likes to have during the process of delivery. Once you understand your WINNING EQUATION you can create goals for each measurable that, when achieved, will take you to that BIG goal.

What do I do now?

Now, more than ever, you must know your client, your process and how to WIN. What worked before might need a shift, or two, due to the current environment. The effort might have to kick up a bit, but you will know exactly what it takes. When you know, you can help your team by motivation and celebration.

What do I mean? Our top performers are motivated by WINNING. Hitting goals and excelling at their talent – That is winning for them. If you can be crystal clear about those goals, or success numbers, they will know what they need to do to help the organization WIN, which helps them WIN, no matter the environment. Whether you are dealing with a slow down or a ramp up, a scorecard will help guide the way.

If you need help creating or recreating your Scorecard, give me a call. I am happy to help you go through it.

Want to go from chaos to clarity?

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