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Setting meaningful goals!

Human Beings are driven by goals. Everything that we do has a goal associated with it. Everything. Yet, I can’t tell you how many people resist setting goals for themselves or their business. I think it is a fear thing. They don’t want to set something and have it not happen. I understand that, but I’d rather shoot for the moon and hit a star, than not shoot at all and end up in the same place. 

I’ve noticed, over my eight years of coaching business owners and business leaders,  goal setting doesn’t come naturally. The result of goal setting, early in our journey, is typically something like “let’s not lose” or “let’s get a little more of what we have now.” In some cases, these goals are okay. In the remaining 99% of cases, this isn’t. Setting a GOAL is a hope for a great future, a better future, or a different future. A goal is a desire to grow and be better. 

The way I encourage my teams to set goals is in line with those brilliant minds that have been setting goals for some time: Patrick Lencioni, Verne Harnish, Jim Collins, Cameron Harold, Dr Benjamin Hardy. 

It starts with a look at who you want to be in the future: 50 Year, 25 Years, 10 Years, 5 Years. It doesn’t matter when, but it must be in the future.

I encourage my teams to set a BIG Goal (a 5-50 Year goal) and a Three-Year Milestone before we can set the years goals.

The BIG Goal (Big Impossible Goal) is the anchor that the business is working toward, and it ties to purpose, strategy, and economics. When it’s finalized it is a goal that will resonate with everyone in the business (not just leadership) and inspire action.  Once the Leadership Team is in love with that goal, we break it down to our Three-Year Milestone. Essentially answering “what must we have achieved on 12-31-26 so that we can truly achieve the BIG goal?” Using Cameron Harold’s teaching, we create a condensed VIVID VISION document that outlines exactly what the organization will look like at that milestone.

That document helps us create the goals for the current year! The goals we set tie us directly to the BIG Goal of the organization and its purpose. No longer will “10% more” or “let’s just not lose” work!  You’ll see how a BIG goal can create a meaningful One Year Growth Plan for your business.

Motivate your team with BIG goals that will inspire success! Then use that to develop what must happen in your organization in the next 12 months!

If you need help setting meaningful goals for 2024, start a conversation with my team 


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