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Thank You!

Today, I am filled with gratitude.

Let’s face it, the last few months have been hard on so many of us. I have been working with clients, friends, and really anyone who needed it. I have been wearing their troubles on my shoulders, and it was pretty heavy at times. I was doing the only thing I truly knew how to do – Help First. As a Coach, I get to help business owners and leaders with some of the toughest battles. It is challenging and it is rewarding all at the same time. But like all of us, the fatigue had started to settle in.

Then last week happened.

It started out with a phone call with a client who is thriving in this climate. They didn’t think they would be but they are. Together we faced the brutal facts and they kept fighting. Now they are thriving.

Then, an amazing session where we dove in on a Team Health Issue and came out even better than before. The session ended with the best “Thank You” I could have ever asked for.

The next day a random text message from someone I just had a chat with a week ago: “I couldn’t have done that without your guidance. Thank you so much!” That made my day. Knowing I made a tiny impact in her world.

That same day I heard that a random connection I made with two amazing, purpose-driven people could end of being a jump start to an organization that can change the world. (Yes, there were tears at this point.)

Then Friday, a Holiday, I took a call with a women who set out on a mission a few years back. I had helped her with some of the organization for her business. She told me that with that help her business has grown, her goals were achieved, and her new team is thriving.

Today, I am filled with gratitude.

The smallest thought, connection or question can truly change the world. If not for you, it will for someone. I am so lucky that I get to help so many people every day. You don’t realize the impact when its happening. But when you look back on the week and see how many people are doing great things and are doing them well, it is humbling.

Thank you all for allowing me to come along on your journey. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide. And thank you for doing such great things for this world!

Start your week off in the right mindset. Go help others. Ask the question, give the advice, make the connection. You never know what can come of it.


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