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The Next Big Idea

At the core of every business is an idea, something to contribute to society or something you feel you can do better. Finding that idea however can be difficult and stressful, so in this guide we will outline thoughts to consider in your day to day to help find the next big idea!

Find your strengths- everyone has a unique skill set and ideally your business should play directly into yours. That could be anything, mathematics, public speaking, or even something like baking. Identify what you’re good at and think of what you can contribute with that skill, whether that is financial services or the next big bakery in town!

What makes you happy- on a similar note, you should enjoy doing whatever your business entails, and who wouldn’t want to do something they enjoy everyday? Take inspiration in your hobbies and interests. Interested in photography? Consider a photography service or maybe calendar/magazine publishing. Interested in weightlifting? Start a gym or supplement brand. The possibilities are endless once you find your niche and tap into what they need and want.

We hope you found this guide helpful for you to find the inspiration you need for the next big idea. At Heightened Leaders, we believe that there is no, “one size fit all” solution to your business journey, only YOUR solution, and we will work directly with you and your business to find that solution. Visit our website to start a conversation and get your business journey moving today!


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