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The Next Big Idea: Part Two

Previously, we discussed how important ideas are to find a business that is successful and will make you happy. In this guide, we will continue with more tips and thoughts to consider when coming up with your business!

What’s the problem?- At its core, business is all about solving problems, so what is the issue? When going about your day to day, if there is a problem or something you find inconvenient, ask yourself how you would fix it. Each instant doesn’t need to become your business idea, but it helps put you into that mindset of seeing problems and looking for solutions.

Think about the future- the potential problems the future might hold. Whether that’s green energy, AI, management, or smaller like a change in the ruleset of golf. If you feel that there is a serious problem that may present itself, later on, work now to have that solution ready when the time comes, or begin now to stop the issue before it can even begin. This type of business is more difficult and risky, but it can potentially yield incredible results and be beneficial to society.

We hope you found this guide helpful for you to find the inspiration you need for the next big idea. At Heightened Leaders, we believe that there is no, “one size fits all” solution to your business journey, only YOUR solution, and we will work directly with you and your business to find that solution. Visit our website to start a conversation and get your business journey moving today!


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