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The Transition Point: Where Success and Growth Become Reality!

The work I do with my clients is transformational. From the coaching and guidance to the implementation of their own Business Operating System. The hard work is dedicated to taking them from a "succeeding in spite of themselves" status to one of "succeeding BECAUSE of themselves." It is not easy. Especially for Business Owners and Leaders who have a growth-mindset. They are typically doing great things, or are trending to great things when we start working together. Their habits have created a momentum that is pushing them somewhere. However, they engage with me because that somewhere either isn’t happening fast enough or it’s in the wrong direction.

In the Heightened Leaders BUILD Phase, we introduce tools, concepts and methodologies that will produce the results they want and the growth they desire. We look holistically at the business and introduce new ways of thinking to encourage growth.

Transitioning to Success and Growth in your business? You need new habits!

Habits are habits for a reason. You’ve worked hard to instill them and ensure they are producing results. The results are getting you were you are now. During the first three days of our journey, we change those habits and replace them with proven tools for growth and scalability. This is the hardest part of what we call the “journey.” But this is where the transition happens. EVERY TIME.

"Great things are built, not given"

Jim Collins talks about the move from GOOD TO GREAT. I know this point. I call it The Transition Point: a moment in the journey where you begin to move in the direction of your vision. The Transition Point is always tangible to me and it produces the best feeling for the team. This is the moment they are responsible for the success and growth of the organization.

It is an GROWTH point of the organization.

The move from being a team of many to ONE team. From rowing in different directions to having everyone going in the same direction. They know their numbers and priorities, and everyone is pushing to achieve them. Clients are feeling a change in delivery and the business's reputation is strong. Challenges no longer become debilitating. They become fuel for growth.

The Transition Point is a driver of your success. Whatever you want to achieve starts at this point. Growth is now truly possible.

When does it happen?

This move happens within the first three months of working with me. It might be a HUGE moment or a blip. But, even a blip is just the thing you need to catapult you to growth. Another transition point happens when the entire team begins to use the tools and methodologies. This one has a large impact. It is where ACCOUNTABILITY comes alive and your Champions push you to your growth.

There are a series of Transition Points that happen along the journey. Each one moves you closer to your goal. This is my favorite part of the journey. I had a client tell me the other day: "Every time this happens we are closer to our goals." This is exactly what I want.

Here are five ways to achieve this growth moment faster:

  • Trust the process.

  • Do the work.

  • Be Engaged.

  • Make decisions.

  • Be open and honest.

Change is hard. Breaking habits may even be harder. Moving toward your goals is the ultimate success. Engage with a Thinking Partner or Business Guide to help you find areas to grow.

Looking for ways to achieve success? Need something like this in your business? Go to for more and schedule a call with Megan.


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