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Why Can’t We Get Our Rocks Done?

Rocks are how you build the future of your business. Rocks, as Stephen Covey defines them, are the big, important Priorities in life and in your business. EOS® goes a little further and defines them as the 90 Day Goals for your business that allow you, if you focus on them, to achieve your long-term business goals. Any way you slice it, they are very important for the future of your business.

So, why is it that we struggle so often with Rock completion? Why is it that you and your teams can’t seem to get those really important things across the finish line?

Working with my teams over the last few years, I’ve seen a few trends that block teams from really focusing and achieving their business goals. In no particular order, here are a few:

1. Inability To Predict Your Business.

This occurs when you have elevated contributors into positions they don’t truly get, want or have the capacity (GWC®) to lead, manage or execute. An example of this is the high performing sales team member who is promoted to Manager. They were really good at executing the sales process but leading and managing a team wasn’t something they truly aspired to do. Being able to predict your business and your team’s execution is one of the most important things to Rock setting and planning. Knowing what it takes to WIN is required to be able to achieve your Vision.

2. Afraid To Say, “I Can’t” or “I Need Help.”

Pat Lencioni talks a LOT about vulnerability-based trust and how, when it lives in your teams, it can actually help with goal achievement and project execution. Being able to ask for help and being open to help are two attributes that are required to move a project along. You aren’t ever expected to have all the answers. But, as a leader and a member of a team, you are expected to put your ego aside and do what it takes to complete your objectives. That includes seeking help.

3. Rocks Are Too Complex.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I have no clue who said that originally, but it is true. We over complicate everything. I once had a team leader who had 85 milestones in a 90 Day Rock. That is too much and WAY too complicated. Keep your Rock planning simple. Remember what DONE looks like and build a simple plan to get you there. Stop worrying about looking smart and just be smart. You’ll do great work.

4. Lack of Focus.

We set out on Day 1 with a clear plan for success over the next 90 Days. We all agree that it is a good plan. But then, business happens. We get back into the business and people bring ideas to you that you believe need to be executed right now. You immediately jump in and add them to the list. And now you have diminished your focus. You only have one FOCUS. Use it wisely. If great ideas come up during the 90 Days. Put them on your Issues List. Park them there until you complete what you said you would. Stop interrupting progress to be busy.

5. Always Helping Others With No Time For Yourself.

While this is an incredibly admirable trait and, in most cases, a good thing. When it comes to achieving what you set out to do for you, your team, or your business, stopping to help others do theirs really pulls at your completion ability. Go back to the Safety Review on an airplane – Put your mask on first, then help others!

6. You Are Not Accountable.

That stung a little bit, right? The truth is, you really can’t be held accountable by anyone but yourself. You can be led and managed, but no one can really hold you accountable. That is all on you. Are you okay with not doing what you say? Are you okay with agreeing to complete something for the greater good and then not doing it? Your team and your business are counting on you. Hold yourself to a higher standard of excellence and do what you say you are doing to do.

To me, Rocks are the single best way to achieve your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. (thank you Jim Collins). If you want to be bigger, better and faster – set great Rocks. Work for 90 days to achieve them. Celebrate your success and then set another round. Every 90 Days you are closer to your Goal!

If you need help understanding and setting Rocks, or just want to remove some of the chaos from your business, schedule your call with Megan! We can help you go from chaos to clarity!


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