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Why Employees Stay With a Business: It's Value, Not Perks

The Great Resignation has sparked conversation around Employee Experience and why Employees stay with an organization. Business Owners are now talking about how to retain their team and how to ensure they are engaged. The typical answers to questions like "who do I get my employees to stay with me?" are perks and benefits. Perks like Work From Home scenarios, flex time and fun." And, benefits meaning competitive pay and tuition reimbursement.

News Flash: People Don't Stay for Ping-Pong Tables.

These are all great ways to get your employees to stay with you and your business, but they aren't the reason they do. Employees, or team members, stay because they feel valued and a part of something big! 20 million people voluntarily left their job recently. 80% of those surveyed said they left because they did not feel valued by their manager.

Don't get me wrong. Benefits and perks are an important piece. But, it is like using duct tape to set a broken arm if your team doesn't feel valued.

Here Are 15 Ways You Can Enhance Your Employee Experience and Lift the Feeling of Value:

1. Ask for input. They are on the front line and want a voice. Give them one.

2. Reward and recognize good work, good effort and good citizenship.

3. Share! Share the vision, share your thoughts, share your plans and your pains.

4. Be purposeful in everything. Let your teams know why we are doing what we are doing… even if it is a meeting!

5. Reward tough work with fulfilling work.

6. When you see signs of burnout, redirect them to something energizing.

7. Act as ONE team, not segments.

8. Break down all silos and barriers.

9. Build Trust! And keep it!

10. Redirect Mistakes! Innovation lives in mistakes.

11. Celebrate every win! Large or small!

12. Meet Together! Share the vision and the plan together – you’ll get on the same page!

13. Stay on the same page!

14. Understand your team and what motivates and fulfills them!

15. Stop doing their job for them. Teach them!

Employee Stay With an Organization When They Feel Valued!

There are so many ways we can bring our teams into the fold and help them feel that they are truly valued. These are just a few. Remember, employees have fun with perks. But perks won't be necessary if they feel valued and part of your mission.

If you want to learn more, start a conversation with Heightened Leaders.


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