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Megan Alarid

Strategic Business Guide and Leadership Team Coach

Megan stands as an expert in the world of scaling business and leadership development, boasting over 650 days in the session room. Megan is trained by some of the best business minds like Verne Harnish, Gino Wickman and Pat Lencioni. Her experience and credentials are a testament to her mastery in guiding CEOs, Founders, and their Leadership Teams towards success. But Megan offers more than just certifications; her methodology, TRUE Organizational Health, has become a game-changer for businesses aiming for sustainable, scalable growth while maintaining a team feel.


With over 25 years in the People Business, Megan has a profound understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations that CEOs and Founders face. Having successfully coached more than 55 teams, her approach is laser-focused on dispelling the chaos and drama that can stifle progress, ensuring that leadership teams are equipped to scale their ventures seamlessly and efficiently.


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Caylee Pennington

Practice Manager and Course Director

Caylee is a recent graduate of Stephen F. Austin University. During her time there, she received her bachelor's degree in business administration and a minor in hospitality management.

She undertook various courses to gain a comprehensive understanding of several facets of the business world. Caylee is knowledgeable in accounting, marketing, business law, human resources, hospitality, and more. She grasped the essentials of a strong business foundation and learned how members should be treated within a business setting. She recognizes that the business landscape is ever-evolving and believes in the importance of staying updated.

From the initial engagement to onboarding and throughout the client's journey, Caylee is dedicated to offering the best Client Experience possible. She is always available to address any queries regarding sessions, scheduling, or any other assistance required.

Caylee is eager to connect you with Megan to help you achieve your aspirations and find success.

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