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The Commitment to Recruiting and Retaining A-Players

Dr. Benjamin Hardy offers a nugget of wisdom that's too good to ignore: "You know what you are committed to by the results you are getting." It's a straightforward yet profound insight that challenges us to reflect on our actions versus our aspirations. If you're aiming to reshape your company into a beacon of excellence but find progress elusive, it's time for a gut check. Are your outcomes truly reflecting your ambitions? 

Discussing the quest for A-Players sheds light on this conundrum. We all agree on the importance of attracting and nurturing top talent, yet often, we find ourselves mired in performance issues, spotty attendance, and a lackluster culture. These aren't just bumps on the road; they're clear indicators that our strategies for building our dream team need a serious overhaul. 

For those of us leading the charge in industries in our entrepreneurial businesses, where the stakes and standards are perpetually high, here are some things to consider when closing the gap between intention and action: 


1. Define “A-Player” for your team: Start by crystallizing what an A-Player looks like in the context of your mission and values. Specificity is your friend here. 

2. Communication is Key: Ensure everyone involved in hiring is on the same page about this definition. Clarity leads to consistency. 

3. Use a Job Scorecard: This tool is invaluable for aligning potential hires with your core needs: Cultural Fit, Productivity Fit, and Competency Fit. 

4. Revamp Your Job Ads: Your job postings should scream "opportunity" to the kind of talent you're dying to attract. Make them irresistible. 

5. Polish Your Processes: Your hiring and onboarding processes should smooth the path for A-Players, not throw up barriers. 

6. Cultural Clarity: Be explicit about your culture and the behaviors you expect. This is the glue that holds your team together. 

7. Support Your Managers: Workshops like Heightened Leaders’ CALM the Chaos can be game-changers for your middle managers, empowering them to lead more effectively. 


If you're finding a mismatch between your team-building aspirations and your current reality, it's time for a pivot. I'm here to help visionary leaders like you align your strategies with your goals, ensuring your leadership legacy is one of transformation and success. Go to to start a conversation!  


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