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15 Ways to Grow “Employee Delight”

1. Ask for input. They are on the front line and see it all. Let them share.

2. Reward and recognize good work, good effort, and good citizenship.

3. Share! Share the vision, share your thoughts, share your pains.

4. Be purposeful in everything. Let your teams know why we are doing what we are doing… even if it is a meeting!

5. Reward energy-sucking work with fulfilling work.

6. When you see signs of burnout, ensure they have something fulfilling to do.

7. Act as ONE team in all things.

8. Break down all silos and barriers. Open lines of communication.

9. Build Trust! And do all you can to keep it!

10. Redirect Mistakes! Innovations live in mistakes.

11. Celebrate Wins!

12. Meet frequently! Share the vision and the plan – Get on the same page!

13. Coach your team. No one wants a Boss anymore.

14. Understand your team and what motivates them.

15. Stop doing their job for them. Allow them to grow in their role.

Employee Delight is a hot topic these days. Attracting, hiring, and retaining talent today is one of our biggest challenges.

Start small with these Employee Delight hacks. Here are a few more: Be honest in your job descriptions and postings. Interview for culture and then skill. Remember skills can be taught. Culture is very hard to teach. Celebrate your A Players. The Right People sitting in the Right Seats doing the Right Things at the Right Times is foundational to growth. Having a team of A players who are ACING Fits for your team is where it all begins!

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