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How to Create a Strong Team of Champions: The Law of Thirds

Do you want to create a team that fully supports your mission? Or a strong team that leaves the drama at home? Do you want a team of people who want to show up and make a difference?

You've likely answered YES to every single one of those questions. However, you followed it with a "yeah, right! In this market?" Well, let me tell you it is 100% possible.

There are a few ways to make that happen. I am going to take you through a concept that help you create a strong team of Champions.

We MUST have the Right People sitting in the Right Seats doing the Right Things at the Right Times. That is foundational for anyone’s success. But once we have a team in place, it takes time to make sure we have all those things. On the journey we tend to lean in to "creating" RIGHT PEOPLE who sit in the RIGHT SEATS. That is something that we truly can’t create. This action tends to lead us down a path that is very hard to dig out of.

Let me walk you through The Law Of Thirds. This is a concept I picked up over a decade ago. I learned it from Patrick Lencioni's teaching but he even says he isn’t sure where it comes from. But regardless of its origin, it is a GAME CHANGER.

The Law of Thirds

Your team can be broken down into three distinct groups. It doesnt matter the team. It can be your team at work, or your community event, even your social following.

Group 1 - The Champions

This group of people are your cheerleaders. They love your ideas, plans and vision; and want to see success. Their hard work is helping you excel, and they love it. All that effort and they don’t expect much in return. They are your CHAMPIONS and get stuff done!

Group 3 - The Naysayers

This group is the exact opposite of the Champions. The members tend to be underperformers or have a negative attitude. They tend to bring the drama and require a lot of attention. They are not champions of the cause. There might even be sabotaging your mission, subconsciously or not.

Group 2 - The Undecided (The Middle)

This group of people don’t fit in either of the other groups but are looking for a place. They seek guidance and belonging. They may love the cause but without a true path, they aren’t sure.


As managers and leaders, we end up spending most of our time with The Naysayers. We want to change their mind and improve the work product. We feel the need to guide and change them. Time, money, and resources tend to be invested more with this group than The Champions.

While we are investing in The Naysayer, The Champion is neglected or ignored. As our top performers, our champion, they are performing and doing more than what we ask. However, with our attention and time spent fixing people, there isn’t must left to spend with them. While they might not ask for it, or say they need it, they do need our attention. When we don’t have any time to give them they go hunt for it. Typically, by looking at other companies. We are usually SHOCKED when they leave.

While we are spending time and energy with The Naysayers, The Champions are leaving. AND The Undecided are gravitating to you and your energy... in The Naysayer column. We are creating a team full of Naysayers. The Undecideds are looking for guidance and leadership, so they will go where it is.


Every team member deserves your time and attention. The Champion should get most of yours. Don’t neglect anyone but spend your time, energy, and acknowledgement in the space where you want everyone to gravitate.

If you want to create a strong team of The Champions, then spend your time, energy, and resources with your Champions. Celebrate their wins, call out their successes and train the team from their activity. Show them off. Work with them. Talk with them. Celebrate Them! The more you do that, they rest of the team will gravitate your way.

Yes, you will lose some naysayers. But it is likely that they weren’t the Right Person sitting in the Right Seat doing the Right Things at the Right Times. This will free them up to find something that fits them and their skills better. It is a positive for all!

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