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What Makes a Good Team?

Starting or running a business is not a task that can be handled alone. You need a team of people who you can trust and have the same vision as you. In this article, we’ll cover components to look for when building your team and what makes a good team good!

Trust- One of the largest aspects of a good team is trust in one another, not just as co-workers but as people. This can be built in the workspace by handling duties on time, but also outside the workspace in getting to know one another better.

A defined purpose- Each person or department should know exactly what their objectives are and how to approach them effectively. On a similar note, each person or department also needs to be specialized to maximize efficiency. For example in marketing you might have one person as a social media manager and another as a local promoter.

Mutual respect for the team- it’s important for each person to understand that they are on a team, and no one person should take all the blame or all the praise. An understanding that every success and failure is as a team, and only together can you achieve the goals set out for the business.

We hope you found this information informative on building or getting a better understanding of your team. At Heightened Leaders, we will work directly with you and your business to find that solution. Visit our website to start a conversation and get your business journey moving today!


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